Green Building (enviromentally friendly housing)

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Why do we call ourselves green builders

Green building is more than just using enviromentally friendly products.  It is about energy effeciency.

Why ICFs are green friendly

ICFs are an extremely energy effecient alternative building method.  By increasing energy effeciency we reduce the amount of resources needed to heat and cool our homes.  By reducing the amount of energy used, we reduce harmful emissions created in the production of power.  By reducing we are helping to keep our planet a beautiful place to be.

Why are steel framed homes green friendly?

Steel is one of the most enviromentally sound products on the market today.  Light guage steel has a recycled content of 60 to 70 percent, not to mention all material scraps can easily be recycled.  This leads to a substantial reduction in material that winds up in a landfill.  Properly designed steel structures are far more energy effecient than conventional framing, leading to a reduction in energy consuption.  The key to reducing pollution is reducing energy consumption.