Weathering the storms

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Tornado Resistant Housing

     We are proud to be your premier dealer for Fox Blocks Insulating concrete forms.  We have been talking for years about how using ICFs, otherwise known as Insulating Concrete Forms, will reduce energy consumption and provide the safest home for you and your family.  The most common thing we hear these days is:  Is it worth the extra expense over wood framing?  This is one question we can absolutely answer yes to.  Given the recent events here in the southeast, It is worth a little more investment in the construction of your home to keep your family safe from tornados and high wind speed thunderstorms.  We here at Concrete Homes of Georgia are appaled at the way wood framed structures performed in the most recent storms that hit the southeast.  When are we going to learn as a society that wood framing provides very little if not any protection from these horrific events.  The only way to protect your home and family is to build with concrete!!!!  Not only are we building homes that are tornado, hurricaine, and flying debris resistant, we are building the most energy effecient homes and commercial buildings available.

Weathering the storm